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  • Essential Oil Blend: Drift

    After a day filled with small micro stresses, what you need is some thing to find your peace and cheer you up. Reconnect with yourself by trying Drift, a blend of lemon, lavender, cedarwood and frankincense..
  • The Art and Science of Soap: Reminiscing

    Join Tash as she explores the world of artisan soap making, and delves into the science and art of soap. This introduction to the series reminisces on past times, when before delicious afternoon tea was served, a small child had to ensure the ancient old bar of soap to clean their hands.
  • December, Already?

    It's almost Christmas, and we are madly preparing. Read all about our Christmas thoughts and find where we will be this festive season!
  • Spring Update

    A fresh new update covering new bath bombs, the Spring Collection of soaps, the emergence of Christmas fragrances (oooh noooo, already? YES) and the changes being made to the website. Also, flat rate shipping!
  • A big change!

    It's Monday, the first weekday after I've spent my weekend moving my platform. It's not as simple as it used to be... but hopefully, Shopify provid...