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Essential Oil Blend: Drift

After a day filled with micro but constant aggressions, I need to chill out and find my happy again. This is not optional! I don't ever end my day feeling blah about it. Which means I need something to improve my mood and fast.

Lemon for me is bright, fresh, and so cheery - I love it. I love a squeeze of lemon in my soda water, and if you want something special, make a proper old fashioned lemonade and drop in a swizzle stick and straw. It hits the spot on any day for me, and it's one of those fragrances that I can personally sniff over and over and not grow tired of it. So that's a good start. I can work with a fragrance I enjoy.




Lavender is less a favourite for me, I'm definitely a citrus and spice person here, but I do appreciate a good rich lavender in short bursts. It's more of a blending element for me, as I cannot appreciate it on it's own for very long. After about an hour it has the opposite effect - it annoys me rather than relaxes me. But as a blender, you can't go wrong with it in the right blend. It's a sort of mid range scent note in my opinion, it works well as a base or top, depending on what you're blending it with. If I did a lemon and lavender blend, it would be the base note. But if I did the cedarwood and lavender blend, it would be the top note. At least to my nose anyway. But let's put all three of these together! We've got a top, middle and base note, and that's the start of a good, well rounded blend in perfumery. In aromatherapy terms, we've got the bright, fresh, cheerful lemon - putting you in a good mood, lavender for calm, so a peaceful good mood, and to round it out and give it depth, we've got cedarwood, which also relaxes and grounds. I liked the sound of that. I need me some Zen time, and I need to come out of it cheerful. No point in relaxing before bed and then being all sleepy but unsettled. There's a recipe for disturbed sleep and nightmares if I ever heard one! To avoid any of this - I added a drop of frankincense. It's a powerhouse for balancing emotions and after today - I'll try anything!!

I put my cats in the main room and headed into the office. I often diffuse in there because I do a lot of work at the computer, and I do a lot of printing. I'm not a fan of the airborne pollutants that laser printers distribute into the atmosphere, so air this room out regularly along with diffusing. I do not like diffusing around cats at all - they are very sensitive to all sorts of things and my two senior girls don't need any extra stresses in their lives. 

I call this blend Drift. Because I got to chill out, but then I went wandering through my bookshelves just leafing through the pages looking for inspiration and finding myself quite chilled out about it.


3 Drops lemon essential oil.
2 Drops cedarwood essential oil.
1 Drop lavender essential oil.
1 Drop frankincense

This was delicious. It had everything I wanted out of the blend I was needing tonight. The cedarwood cut the overly floral scent of lavender that does bug me, but still allowed the freshness of the lemon to shine through. The frankincense was subtle, but just added a titch of warmth and spice to this blend. 

Give Drift a shot the next time you have a trying day.

Let me know how it went for you.


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