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Fruity Loopy Wax Brittle 175g - Scentsations by Tash

Fruity Loopy Wax Brittle 175g

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Fruity Loopy brings back memories of your childhood in which the best thing ever was to sit in front of the TV on a Saturday morning and watch the cartoons while digging into a fresh bowl of crunchy Froot Loops drenched in milk. 

Fruity Loopy captures that smell perfectly. It's sweet, it's creamy, it's a walk down memory lane to Cheez TV and Rage and being a kid again. 

It's also one of our best selling fragrances, and as such, we just had to make more of it available to you!

Fruity Loopy Wax Brittle is creamy coloured white wax with chunks of colour all through it, reminscent of a bowl of their inspiration and a sprinkle of glitter for a sugary sweet touch. 

Snap a piece of brittle off, pop in your warmer, keep the rest safe in our fab polypropylene lined paper bags and seal back up to keep all the goodness in (and no greasy marks left on the bag either, bonus!) 175 grams will keep you in sweet, delicious Fruity Loopy memories for a long time!

Wax brittle, like all our wax melts, is intended for use in tealight and electric melt warmers only.