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Tash Herself

So you've found this page. Ooh, let's get on with the introductions and ego stroking. 

I’m Tash, and I’m the oil soaked, mica splattered, spiky haired artisan scientist standing in a workshop bringing the representations of fragrance to life. I’m a geek who loves all things chemistry (or explode-y!) and can often be found staring into space exploring the stories in my imagination. I am a retail manager and accountant by day, scientist at night, public holidays and weekends; am fuelled by caffeine, powered by purrs, and am happiest when I am creating things. You can find me chilling out in the tropical climes of Cairns, Far North Queensland, where I have rainforest 30 minutes away from me one side, and the ocean 30 minutes away from me the other side. It's a place that's flippin' awesome to live in. 

You're not here to find the details on my passport. You're here because you've either found one of my products somehow, or you've stumbled across my online presence through Facebook, Instagram, Google or some other IT wizardry and want to know more! 

This the page is where you would expect to find some saccharine waffle about how I started this project.

You want sugar, go to the supermarket. You want real, pull up a brick and sit down ‘cause I’m gonna spin you a story about science and art and ethics and money. 

Lets be real here a moment. I’m obviously a business. I’m here to make money by selling my products. We’ve got that out of the way.

Now, onto what I really do: I’m the mad scientist in my lab creating beautiful things. I have three main boxes I need to tick when I create: form, function and fragrance. It’s got to look good, do the job asked of it, and smell great! No one wants to smell like BO or a stale house. You’re here looking at items to make things smell good, and that’s what they deliver. But you can go pick something up off the shelf that does the same thing.

What makes me different? What makes you want to exchange your hard earned dollars for my pretty smelling stuff? It's great pretty smelling stuff, and I love it, you want it, and all you're really doing is funding my obsession with creating more! That's what it is.

It’s the obsession behind these products that makes them come to life in the hand, on the shelf, in the tub. Functional products don’t magic themselves up because I got all creative about it and slapped a bit of this and that together. They come from an iceberg of research founded in science, endless hours of research and development, tweaking and testing. I’m not about slapping things together and hope that it works. It’s about me selecting ingredients that work well together, will do the job asked of them, and fall into line with my ethics.

Each product is carefully thought out, produced, tested, left to mature like a good cheese, tested again, and if it ticks all the boxes, gets released. I believe that there is no such thing as too much research, and I pour all that into my products to ensure that what I release is the very best it possibly can be, does it’s job, looks and smells great and is something that you would be enjoy in your home. Once all that’s done, then I dig about for a creative name that’s smart, classy, a little bit quirky or just plain cheeky. No saccharine sweetness here, just honest quirkiness and personality. My products have personality.

Meraki [may-rah-kee] Greek: (n) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

It’s a great word, meraki, and I believe it sums up what I think about what I do. It’s my quirky personality that comes through. It’s the obsession with art and science and how they can be smashed together to create amazing things that drive this that are what I put my heart into that shines through my products! I believe in those three boxes of form, function and fragrance, but I'm also about creating a safe product that proudly stands for values! 

Ethics are important to me. You may have guessed honesty is a big one - I’m a believer in straight talk, and that’s reflected in my labels and product warnings. I won’t hide controversial ingredients behind their Latin names, it’s in plain English (conforming to Australian labelling standards, of course). I draw a fixed line on animal testing (hard nope), and test on 100% real humans. Myself and the other suckers who sign up to be product testers. If we are happy with the products, and they make our skin sing or noses wriggle in delight, then I dream up a story and a name and release these babies to the world! No product gets the final release without the paw prints of approval from the fluffy cheer squad, the Purrs Trio who often sit at the glass door leading into my workshop and watch me create.

This is what I do. Create products with form, function and fragrance, and I love every bit of smashing together art and science, combining ancient techniques with modern tools to just simply create.

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