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Butterfly 3D Ultrasonic Diffuser Bundle

Butterfly 3D Ultrasonic Diffuser Bundle

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Wow! It what we say about our 3D ultrasonic diffusers. A clever little elf worked out how to get a 3D effect in glass and light and it is spectacular! At first glance these look like a silver dome from the year 3000 but when you turn them on is when the real magic begins. The butterfly and floral pattern that shines through with the colour morph is just amazing. It's soothing to just watch that, never mind popping an oil or two in it! Watch the video below to understand just what it looks like turned on - a still image does it zero justice at all!

Every ultrasonic diffuser comes with a bundle of oils to get you started! We've included our bestselling Australian lavender and our bright, fresh lemon essential oils and your choice of two fragrance oils - choose from the drop down boxes below!


How do you make it do the thing?

Pop the glass off the base, remove the inner cover and fill with water up to the line. Add a few drops of your favourite oil, and replace the inner cover, then carefully seat the glass back into position. Turn it on, and you'll have a magical 8 hours of scented bliss. Use the optional glowlight function to allow a rainbow of colour to seep through the glass. These are the best things to use essential oils with, as there is no heat or flame to change the chemistry of the oils, ensuring you are getting all the benefits of the essential oil in their most pure forms!

Ultrasonic diffusers make a great flame free alternative to candles in your home, and operate by nebulising water through high frequency vibration, which sounds a little woo, but that's how they do it! The ultra fine, cool mist serves to humidify your indoor environment, which makes breathing in cold, dry climates easier. Plus it serves as a flame and heat free option to release fragrance throughout your home. 

The ultrasonic action of these diffusers also helps to generate negative ions, which go seeking out bits of particulate matter (aka everyone's nemesis, dust) to and cleaning it from your air. These negative ions also, according to some studies could potentially improve moods. The science is still undecided on mood improvement, but we think that your mood can improve just by looking at one of these and smelling your favourite fragrance in the cleaner air.

Keeping it clean

An ultrasonic diffuser is an investment. Treat it with care and don't forget to clean it, and it will last you a very long time. Keep it out of reach of children and pets, and operate it in a secure position away from any electrical items that might be affected by water vapour. Don't leave water and oil sit in it between uses, empty it, wipe out any residues, and let it dry. Leaving water sit can cause it to stagnate and let nasty pathogens breed in it. That's not what you want to be breathing in when you next use it. We recommend doing a thorough clean by setting the base up outside and doing a cleaning cycle with it by running it for about 5 minutes with a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water. Empty it out after this and dry as normal. This will help with keeping your fragrances pure rather than having the previous one mingle with your new one.