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Deep Trio

Deep Trio

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It's a magical trio of awesome here! Save on buying a trio of oils all together as a wee bundle. The Deep Trio features three oils that make great bases for a blend where you want a rich depth of character. 

Vetiver | Patchouli | Vanilla Oleoresin

Vetiver adds a nice earthy, woodsy sort of touch to a blend without taking it to smelling like a woodshop. Add a drop of this to a blend with loads of citrus to tone it down a little. 

Patchouli is definitely a love it or hate it oil, but it cannot be denied that it is an amazing base note for a blend. Adding a drop of it to a blend will add some deeper notes to it - and it also pairs well with vetiver. 

Vanilla oleoresin is sweet smelling, and might seem to be an odd inclusion on a list of base notes. But have a look at many, many synthetic fragrances and you'll find vanilla listed as a base or mid note. Vanilla blends well with almost everything - it's especially good with citrus - lemon and vanilla, for example. It's amazing and deserves a spot on this trio! 


Method of Extraction: hydro diffusion

Part of Plant Used: root
Origin: Madagascar
Botanical Name:Vetiveria zizanioides
Primary Constituents: Carvone, isovalencenol, khusimol
Size: 10mL amber glass

Method of Extraction: steam distilled
Plant Part Used: leaf
Origin: Indonesia
Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin
Primary constituents: α-Bulnesene, α-Guaiene

Method of Extraction: solvent
Part of Plant Used: bean
Origin: Madagascar
Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia
Size: 10mL amber glass


Please note, some essential oils are not recommended for use around young children, pets, or during pregnancy.

 Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Dilute with a carrier oil before topical use. Not for internal use. 

Avoid the use of all essential oils around cats and birds, remove them from the room before use. Contact us if you are uncertain. 

We curate our essential oils from locations all over the world and always insist on Certificates of Analysis and GC/MS results to ensure that our essential oils are pure and unadulterated. This ensures we can provide the highest quality essential oils possible.