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Happiness Blend 10mL

Happiness Blend 10mL

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Pop Happiness in the warmer and you'll find yourself smiling at the fresh and cheery rose geranium blending with the citrus tangs of mandarin and bergamot. It's a delightfully sweet blend that will put a smile on your face and uplift your spirits.

Rose Geranium | Mandarin | Bergamot

Method of Extraction: A combination of steam distillation and cold pressed extraction
Botanical Names:Citrus reticulata, Citrus BergamiaPelargoneum roseum.
Size: 10mL amber glass


Please note, some essential oils are not recommended for use around young children, pets, or during pregnancy.

 Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Dilute with a carrier oil before topical use. Not for internal use. 

Avoid the use of all essential oils around cats and birds, remove them from the room before use. Contact us if you are uncertain. Avoid UV for 12 hours after application, photosensitising.

We curate our essential oils from locations all over the world and always insist on Certificates of Analysis and GC/MS results to ensure that our essential oils are pure and unadulterated. This ensures we can provide the highest quality essential oils possible.