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"Inspired" - "Unicorn"
"Inspired" - "Unicorn"

"Inspired" - "Unicorn"

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What could be more fun than a collection of "Inspired" tongue in cheek quirky candles? 

"Unicorn" features a cheeky little vinyl decal on clear glass. Scented in "Unicorn Chunder". Let's believe in ourselves today! And while we're at it, why not unicorns? The saccharine sweetness of this sentiment is enough to make a unicorn sick. Since they seem to lick up fruit sherbet like candy, it's probably not such a bad thing to have a unicorn chunder in your house. 

Ultra thick clear glass with eco friendly soy wax, 250g in weight for the ultimate in burn time. Boxed ready to gift. 

Vinyl decal care: don't pick at, scrub at, wet or otherwise try and pull it off. You will succeed. This will make you sad.