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Summer Cupcake Collection
Summer Cupcake Collection
Summer Cupcake Collection

Summer Cupcake Collection

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Tasty Treats

Delicious and decadent confections that won't go to the hips? Is there such a thing? Welcome to my world of soap cupcakes! Where over-indulgence keeps you clean and smelling sweet rather than making the scales unhappy!

The Summer collection is a highly limited release of four FNQ summer inspired cupcakes, presented in a fancy little box just like the real (and tasty) deal.

To make the most out of these, slice your cupcake straight down the middle. You've got two soaps then, and the curved side fits neatly into your hand and the other is smooth and flat for some latherin' up. 

The Line Up

Monstera: inspired by the tropical plant that's the in thing at the moment (yes I have one) this lush cupcake has a sweet lemongrass scent that's blended with the drier notes of green tea. 

Honey Buzz: if only it were just bees that came out to play in the height of summer. Bees are awesome. They give us beeswax and sweet, sweet honey. Summer blooms bring all the bees to the yard. This cupcake is sweet. Just like honey. Buzz buzz.

Mermaid's Tale: a fresh, sweet but clean smelling fragrance, this cupcake is inspired by sunny days by the beach. Who knows what treasures might get washed up - and each one has a story to tell. 

Garden Path yikes, with all the hot sun and rain, growth in the garden is ballistic. Sadly it's usually weeds - take a walk down our garden path instead and imagine a fairytale world of pretty flowers and sweet, juicy berries. Scented in a sweet berry-vanilla fragrance.

Hand piped | Hand painted | Every One Unique

Always Handmade

These soap were not made with love and all that faffy jazz. They were made with obsession. The kind that keeps you up all night because you have to just create something or your brain boils away and the caffeine shakes can't even override the itch to make. From the buzzing mind of Tash comes this fantastic new soapy creation. Science and art come together in a collision course that somehow, looks great, smells really freaking amazing and as a bonus, cleans you too!

Tested 100% on humans and given the paw of approval by the official cheer squad. Chuck out the soulless bottle of body wash and get your mitts on a slice of this small batch handmade soap. Your skin will love you for it. A billion little skin cells will sing in delight as the day's grime is cleaned away, leaving you with a clean fresh canvas to go grime up again. Hey. At least it's protected with a micro layer of lux oils and butters laid down by this multitasking powerhouse of a soap. 

We believe in shopping local and being kind to the environment! Over 50% of the oils in our soaps are Australian grown! Sustainability matters and we choose RSPO certified palm. You can't magically stop a destructive industry overnight, especially when that industry affects over two billion of the world's most disadvantaged people, but you can encourage change by choosing a more sustainable product. Grass roots movements start this way, and we hope to encourage further sustainable production by voting with our dollar. Recycle your packaging! Drop the soap wrapper in redcycle bins and it will become part of something new. Around and around the cycle goes. It puts a little smile on your moosh knowing that today's soap wrapper becomes tomorrow's park bench.


Each Cupcake Collection Box contains four 85g cupcakes, one of each scent.