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Zesty Lemon
Zesty Lemon

Zesty Lemon

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Zesty | Fresh | Clean

This one speaks for itself! It's fresh, zesty lemon. It's as if you spent three days zesting every lemon you could find, squeezing out all the beautiful oils and then soaked it all in lemon juice. All the lemon you could ever want or need. And a touch of lemongrass, a just enough to ground the scent and provide depth.

Do be careful with this bad boy. Lemon essential oils can cause photosensitising - or you get sunburned easier when you're wearing them. Soap is a wash off product but this one has a lot of lemon essential oil in it - sunburn is no fun. 

Always Handmade

This soap was not made with love and all that faffy jazz. It was made with obsession. The kind that keeps you up all night because you have to just create something or your brain boils away and the caffeine shakes can't even override the itch to make. From the buzzing mind of Tash comes this fantastic new soapy creation. Science and art come together in a collision course that somehow, looks great, smells really freaking amazing and as a bonus, cleans you too!

Tested 100% on humans and given the paw of approval by the official cheer squad. Chuck out the soulless bottle of body wash and get your mitts on a slice of this small batch handmade soap. Your skin will love you for it. A billion little skin cells will sing in delight as the day's grime is cleaned away, leaving you with a clean fresh canvas to go grime up again. Hey. At least it's protected with a micro layer of lux oils and butters laid down by this multitasking powerhouse of a soap. 

We believe in shopping local and being kind to the environment! Over 50% of the oils in our soaps are Australian grown! Sustainability matters and we choose RSPO certified palm. You can't magically stop a destructive industry overnight, especially when that industry affects over two billion of the world's most disadvantaged people, but you can encourage change by choosing a more sustainable product. Grass roots movements start this way, and we hope to encourage further sustainable production by voting with our dollar. Compost your packaging! Drop the soap wrapper in your compost heap and enjoy knowing that within two years, it will have broken down into nothing but water, carbon dioxide and biomass! Plant fuel! It puts a little smile on your moosh knowing that today's soap wrapper has become tomorrow's plant food. 

The Magic Formula

Net weight 120g